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21.04.16 - Good news! We have stocks for NYX Lip Lingerie now although not of all the colours! We are working on getting all the colours in soon! :D

24.03.16 - New SMLC stocks are ordered and coming in soon. Also, please email if if you want NYX Lip Lingerie. Planning to stock up on it as my seller has stocks now! :D

24.12.16 - New SMLC colours are in!! Order now before it is out of stock!
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NOTE: There will be no further discounts for wholesale/resell.

NOTE: All NYX items sold are authentic, directly imported from the US. Do take note that NYX is not a RETAIL product, it is more of a catalogue product and they are not sold in retail outlets in the US. Items are not all made in the US as labour/manufacturing charges will be very high, hence more expensive products. Thank you.

NOTE2: Please take note that I DO NOT REFUND for payment made if you have changed your mind or if you have promised to pay a certain date (or not) and yet you made the payment days later (without asking if the items are still in stock) expecting the item(s) to be still in stock. Products are fast selling. Late payment will result in your order being placed under preorder.

NOTE3: If you still want to pre-order, you can. Just email me with your order but I DO NOT gurantee on the closing date & arrival of each order (restocking). If you absolutely do not MIND of the long wait that is.

NOTE4: I will not reserve items for you as I have alot of MIA customers. Please make payment as soon as you receive the total from me via email to secure your items. Otherwise, it will be sold to the next customer.

Preorders now will be ordered together with batches of my fast moving stocks (LSS, SMLC, RLG, JEP, etc) for faster delivery!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Price @ RM27 each

Available Stock Below

SMLC01 - Amsterdam x 4
SMLC02 - Stockholm x 4
SMLC03 - Tokyo x 4
SMLC04 - London x 4
SMLC05 - Antwerp
SMLC06 - Istanbul
SMLC07 - Addis Ababa x 4
SMLC08 - San Paolo x 2
SMLC10 - Monte Carlo x 3
SMLC11 - Milan x 4
SMLC12 - Buenos Aires x 3
SMLC13 - Sydney x 3
SMLC15 - Athens x 3
SMLC16 - Cairo x 4
SMLC17 - Ibiza x 5
SMLC18 - Prague x 4
SMLC19 - Cannes
SMLC20 - Copenhagen
SMLC21 - Transylvania x 5
SMLC22 - Morocco x 5
SMLC23 - Berlin x 5
SMLC24 - Paris x 2
SMLC25 - Budapest x 3
SMLC26 - Havana x 2
SMLC27 - Madrid
SMLC28 - San Juan x 2
SMLC29 - Vancouver x 2
SMLC30 - Seoul x 2
SMLC31 - Moscow x 2
SMLC32 - Rome x 2
SMLC33 - Manila x 2
SMLC34 - Dubai x 2

NYX Round Lipstick

Price: RM18 each

Available Stock Below

LSS504 Harmonica x 5
LSS509 Narcissus x 4
LSS513 Electra x 5
LSS522 Circe x 3
LSS529 Thalia x 3
LSS543 Hebe x 4
LSS550 Indian Pink x 4
LSS571A Hot Pink x 3
LSS588 Orange Soda x 3
LSS590 Honey x 4
LSS595 Strawberry Milk x 2
LSS597 Margarita x 3
LSS599 Fire x 4
LSS605 Mars x 3
LSS623 Heater x 2
LSS628 Tea Rose x 5
LSS629 Power x 3
LSS630 Pumpkin Pie x 2
LSS632 Frapuccino x 2
LSS634 Louisiana x 2
LSS637 Rose x 4
LSS638 Sunflower
LSS640 Fig x 2
LSS641 Rose Bud x 4
LSS643 Femme x 6
LSS644 Spellbound x 3

NYX Powder Blush

Price: RM28 each

Available Stock Below

PB03 - Angel
PB05 - Pinky
PB06 - Peach
PB26 - Rose Garden
PB27 - Summer Peach
PB27 - Summer Peach (Broken - RM15 - Please request for pic)
PB28 - Bourgeois Pig

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Price: RM18 each

Available Stock Below

JEP601 - Black Bean x 2
JEP602 - Dark Brown x 3
JEP604 - Milk x 8
JEP606 - Baby Blue
JEP607 - Horse Raddish
JEP608 - Cottage Cheese x 3
JEP609 - French Fries x 3
JEP611 - Yogurt 
JEP612 - Gold x 2
JEP613 - Lime
JEP615 - Slate
JEP616 - Pacific
JEP617 - Iced Mocha x 3
JEP618 - Purple 
JEP619 - Rust x 2
JEP620 - Bronze x 2
JEP622A - Electric Blue x 2
JEP624A - Rocky Mountain Green
JEP626 - Knight
JEP629 - Sparkle Green
JEP630 - Cashmere x 3

Note: 5g jar is only RM0.85 for depotting, however, I do not provide the service to depot anymore due to my workschedule!

SALE! Buy 1 Free 1!!

Hey Everyone,

Mid year sale going on! Buy 1 Free 1!

Note: Free item will be a random item of the same price!

Happy Shopping!!!

NYX Lip Lingerie

Price: RM38 each

Available Stock Below

LIPLI01 - Honeymoon
LIPLI02 - Embelishment
LIPLI03 - Lace Detail
LIPLI05 - Beauty Mark
LIPLI07 - Satin Ribbon
LIPLI09 - Corset
LIPLI10 - Teddy
LIPLI11 - Baby Doll
LIPLI13 - Scandalous
LIPLI14 - Confident
LIPLI15 - Bustier
LIPLI16 - Cheekies

NYX Slim Lip Pencil

Price: RM20 each

Available Stock Below

SPL802 - Brown
SPL828 - Ever
SPL858 - Nude Beige
SPL858 - Nude Pink